It was only a matter of team that Lyft the ride sharing service introduced a carpool option to their app. The carpool feature is designed to allow commuters catch a ride with someone on the same route. This helps you make the commute to work & save on costs of course. As a drive you get paid essentially to take & drop a passenger off along the everyday route you take. The difference between this & Lyft’s line feature or Uber’s Pool feature is that it’s specifically meant for work related trips on existing routes that drivers take each day.

Nowadays, getting to work is work in itself. Congestion has become an inescapable part of the American commute, and rush hour is getting worse nationwide.* Yet 80% of Americans still drive to work alone because it’s their best option.** Until today.

The feature is rolling out into major cities starting with the San Francisco area. This can be ideal for those who typically take public transport, want to save on commute costs, and so on. The idea is that it’ll allow you travel a bit faster as with an extra passenger you can easily enter the carpool lane & get to work. It limits you to only picking up one passenger that way you don’t have to worry about multiple drop offs. Price wise Lyft is currently quoting prices anywhere for $4-10 for riders & drivers have the ability to up to $10 per trip without changing any of their routes.

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So if you commute & are already taking advantage of such ride sharing services & want to cut down on costs or a driver whose looking to make a couple extra bucks while helping someone else out then look into Lyft Carpool.

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