The invitations have been sent out for Apple’s March 21st event! The tagline reading “Let us loop you in“. So that all said here’s a look at what you can expect announcement wise both hardware & software. The event itself will take place at 10:00 AM as most Apple events do, being held at the Apple Town Hall auditorium.

The two major announcements will be that of a new phone & iPad. Accompanied by of course sales numbers & progress, possible mac upgrades, and new Apple Watch accessories.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is either a step back or just so depending on how you look at it. The aim of the SE is to upgrade the former iPhone 5S device to current hardware specs. While maintaining the design for the most important part & with a 4-inch screen size. No your eyes do not deceive you, a phone company looking to go smaller rather than bigger with the screen. Seeing as not everyone is a fan of the big screen movement or new design this phone is meant to target those who preferred the compact 5S. (Compact by todays standards)

It’ll be updated as far as CPU & GPU goes, camera, and some other internal changes along with the external color schemes of current iPhones.

iPad Air 3 or Pro?


It’s due time for an iPad update & no doubt Apple will be pushing the specs of the devices such as the A9X chip, four speaker system, and possible name change. The rumors as of now is that Apple will unify the iPad line into an iPad Pro series. An iPad Pro 9.7 versus iPad Air 3 while the newly released iPad Pro would be the 12 inch model.

Other than that we’re not expected to see any major changes. As of now it’s doubtful Apple would integrate Force Touch into this edition seeing as the current iPad Pro lacks it. However we’ll probably see support for the new accessories like the Apple Pencil on said device.

Apple Watch Bands

space-black-milanese-loop-band-800x284Now it’s unknown whether Apple is alluding to their newly built HQ in the whole “Loop” message or rather their new bands set to come to the Apple Watch. One pretty much confirmed rumor is the Milanese loop band which comes in silver is set to receive a black edition for Apple Watch users. Other band said to be released are new sports band colors, possible NATO straps, and partnered promotions such as the previous Hermes straps.

This would be a bit before we’re set to hear about the possible Apple Watch 2 announcement in September. So if you were thinking about getting one, you may want to hold off.

Software Side

On the software end this area could be up for grabs seeing as it isn’t quite WWDC. However we may hear of update across the line of products such as iOS 9.3 features, Watch OS 2.2, TV OS 9.2, OS X 10.11.4 and possible iTunes update (please please please be true).

These would simply be glimpses at new features & things to give the customers, press, and stockholders a look at what’s to come. WWDC would be a good time to further dive into such topics so we’re likely to see a few of the above addressed.

What About the Macs?

Now while it isn’t outside the realm of possibility though less likely, the mac lineup. If we do hear about any mac refreshes at all it’ll surely be in that of the laptop department. Namely the Macbook Pro. We’ll probably see Apple start to lean towards the USB C movement across their laptop lineup & not just the latest Macbook. Of course this will also mean new CPU’s going into their Macs & other changes, possibly even a design one. However this isn’t guaranteed or even as solid as the previous rumors. It’s bound to happen as the upgrades are long overdue so if your waiting on a new mac & it’s not an iMac hang tight.

The event while at a much more smaller venue will be live streamed via their website. I’ll as always be covering said event & following up with an overview & my thoughts. So stay tuned!