Amazon announced a two new devices in the Echo lineup the “Echo Dot” & “Amazon Tap“. The dot aims to be a semi-portable Alexa allowing you have Alexa in any room you can carry a small hockey puck like device & plug it in to get Alexa. The Dot packs the Alexa assistant in it with a small portable speaker but also allows for bluetooth & wired connection to other speakers. This means you can easily connect the Dot to existing speakers in any room be it the kitchen, living room office or of course use the built in one.Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.52.16 PM

While the Tap is essentially a portable bluetooth speaker meets Alexa. For the on the go traveler who wants the ability to play music from a mobile speaker. The Tap powers off of a battery that lasts up to 9-hours and can of course be recharged via it’s docking station. Tap coming from the microphone button which the user can easily press to input any voice commands such as play music, what’s the news, and so on.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.07.33 PM

The catch being the only way to currently order the Dot is through an existing Alexa device scubas the Echo or Fire TV, while the Tap can be pre-ordered. Essentially you need to have Amazon Echo in order to buy the Dot. The Dot will be retailing at $90 while the Tap pre-orders at $130. Amazon has stated however the ordering process will be available for all customers soon. There have been a few workarounds posted on the web if you really are anxious to get one.

Alexa Amazon’s assistant built into echo allows you to do various things such as stream music, order new items, ask various questions (weather, basic arithmetic, etc),  and even place order for third party services like Uber. The current Echo offers a base station solution that while convenient isn’t at portable. It’s meant more for a central location where in the Dot is cheaper can be connected to other speakers & be taken room to room as needed.

As of now the ordering process for the dot is exclusive while the Tap can be pre-ordered. This expands Amazon line of Echo devices making everyday tasks more convenient and automated through Alexa.