There’s no shortage of music streaming services nowadays. Spotify as one of the leading services, perhaps your on Apple Music if you came from Beats or are an Apple exclusive user, Amazon Prime members may enjoy Amazon Music platform, & then there’s other services like Jay-Z’s Tidal with it’s high quality audio.


Point being music streaming services are all over & aren’t going anywhere. Some offer certain incentives to get you to use their platform be it exclusives, bundling into other services, or quality.  The landscape however may be changing. As of now the big competitors consist of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google, and Tidal.

Apple Music being the latest to join the game with the acquisition of Beats. While Apple has ways to go it has established itself as a competitor offering the service to their user base on iDevices. It comes down to a number of elements nowadays with each service offering relatively similar libraries. Factors such as price, quality, exclusives, and extras/add-ons. Amazon for example includes their music streaming service within Prime which gives you faster shipping options, savings, video streaming access, and much more.

That all said the competitive field opens the door to possible mergers & acquisitions in order to gain an upper hand. It was recently announced by both Google & Spotify that Spotify would be moving their core infrastructure (backend) to Google’s cloud platform to help increase quality, service, and of course pricing for their streaming platform. This is a big announcement for both companies & one that raise a lot of questions in terms of a possible acquisition down the line for Google to help it’s standing in the space. At 75 million active users there’s no better option than Spotify currently & given that Google made an offer in 2014 for the company it’s not completely far fetched. As of now Spotify says the move will take some time but with its growth it was necessary to continue to provide a seamless experience for its users.

This talk has also sparked up other conversations with companies such as Samsung which is now rumored to be in discussions with Jay Z’s company Tidal which he acquired only 16 months ago. Tidal being the service that focuses on quality & exclusives from Jay Z’s fellow artists such as Kanye West recent album “The Life of Pablo” which skyrocketed Tidal’s subscription & download numbers to #1 in the app-store briefly. The company which had a rocky start with lawsuits, shuffling through CEO’s and other issues this would be a buyout that would help save the company. Samsung has already done a deal in the past with business mogul Jay Z securing his album for an exclusive release for $5 million. All in an effort to gain an advantage in this streaming space that is crowded by great companies.

This could possibly mean with the mergers we’d see a Google/Spotify versus Tidal/Samsung, Apple Music/Beats, and Amazon battle. Acquiring not just the talent & subscriber base but software. All of this is of course just speculation & whispers at this point but nothing is too far off given the past negotiations & the way the industry in particular is heading. While artists like Swift & Adele may still hold out from the streaming space initially it’s becoming a force that can’t be ignored this day in age. Positioning yourself as a corporation with the best team, resources, and name is a wise decision.

Whether the deals happen or not there’s no evidence that the growth of such services will slow down the question only remains who’ll be left remaining when all is said & done.