It isn’t new news that Apple has been working on their own TV network/service for quite some time. The service would allow Apple to host multiple providers content in a packaged deal while also offering their own exclusive content similar to what Netflix, Hulu, and other networks do already.

Vital Signs is reported to be Apple’s first original series that will be a six part look at famous producer, artist, and business mogul Dr.Dre. Since the acquisition of Beats & adoption of their music streaming service Dr.Dre has been heavily involved in all things Apple. They’re looking to skip the wait on getting their network off the ground & go straight to distribution via their platform Apple Music. So it isn’t per say TV but will be offered exclusively to their members similar to that of their Taylor Swift 1989 world tour documentary. In this case however it’ll all be produced & handled by Apple.

The show itself will be led by music video director Paul Hunter & reportedly star Dr.Dre himself along with other talent & co-stars. It was only a matter of time till we saw a company like Apple not just offer & distribute the content but create it. With the popularity of Netflix Originals lately it’s no question that its a step in the right direction. More updates to come.