Alphabet the parent company of Google has recently became the world’s most valuable company overtaking the behemoth that is Apple. This is big news as the stock climbed 4.2 % as of market open this Tuesday.  The companies market cap is now valued around $542 billion while the previous holder Apple sits at around $532 billion.

Alphabet which was consolidated into one company not that long ago helps the company diversify. Their investments are spread of course throughout all sorts of ventures & projects from Android, Adsense, AI, health tech, internet access and much much more. These various revenue streams have definitely helped the company grow year over year & take over one of the worlds biggest companies. There’s no doubt of the parent companies successful year thus far in market & related to that of product releases. 2010 was the previous year in which Alphabet was worth more than Apple so it’s been quite some time. Their play is to go forward & invest further in mobile as they see most of their ad revenue & business going forward being in that field.

There’s no doubt the market will continue shift & both companies are anything but invulnerable or doomed.