This holiday season whether it’s a last minute gift for family, friends, or even yourself. Giving the gift of a premium subscription or service is a great solution. A gift that is highly affordable & one that most people wouldn’t subscribe to on their own.

I wanted to cover a couple of categories from music to video streaming services & my favorite premium plans amongst them. Most are easy to gift whether the receiver has no account or a free one to upgrade.



Music Services:

For the music lovers in your life a premium subscription to their favorite streaming platform is a great gift. Millions of songs at their fingertips for highly affordable plans. Some in this case you can take advantage of as well through family plans.

Spotify Premium– Premium on Spotify offers ad-free music streaming, High-def audio, and offline playback for Spotify users. One that free members will highly appreciate. The plan starts at $10 for one user & scales up $5 for additional “family” members.

Apple Music Though recently introduced Apple’s service has been gaining traction. Though it requires many updates for the Apple users in your life that prefer to stay within the ecosystem Apple music starts at $10 a month for an individual & $15 monthly for 6 users in your “family”.

Google Play– Google’s service starts at $10 a month as well with a vast library. However Google Play is a bit more Android friendly, so for the Android users in your life or those who prefer Google’s ecosystem this is a great music streaming gift.

Video Streaming:

Video streaming services are becoming more & more popular. Whether it’s the Netflix & Chill meme or cable cutters. Gaining access to tons of TV shows or exclusive titles via some of these great services. Easy gifts to purchase for that person in your life who may have picked up a new TV, laptop, or set top box.

Netflix The king of video streaming service Netflix starts at $8 a month & scales for HD + screens plan allowing more people to watch on their own profiles. Netflix while having a vast library also offers exclusive or originals such as House of Cards or Orange is the New Black.

Hulu Plus– Just like Netflix Hulu has a series of content that makes it stand out. So if theres someone in your life already on the free ad-supported Hulu getting them a plus membership offers the following depending on what plan you get. $8 monthly gets you limited commercials while $12 a month gets you absolutely no commercials.

HBO Now– For the HBO lovers in your life it’s a simple gift to give. HBO Now gives access to their library of popular TV shows & movies for only $15 a month. This can be access on any device that has internet so no cable box required.

Online Backup:

Backup is a great gift for the tech-enthusiasts or family members in your life. Basically anyone who values their data. Cloud storage offers a way to keep data off site & secure.

Dropbox Pro Dropbox Pro offers a great file sync solution across all devices. This starts at $10 a month for 1TB of storage.

CrashPlan My recommendation for an all in one online backup solution. Their software supports automated backups for your computers making it easier than ever to backup online. Plans can be as low as $5 a month for a 1 computer or $12.50 for up to 10 computers.

Google Drive– For the Drive users in your life Google Drive offers more storage options for those who use services like Google Docs daily.

Amazon Cloud Drive– Amazon offers equally great cloud storage options & at a highly affordable price for unlimited storage. Thats right no limit to how many files you can store. Right now at a promo of $10 for the whole year.


Equally as important as backup is security software such as the two password managers we’ll be recommending.

LastPass Lastpass while free offers a premium services for $12 annual. That’s $1 a month for a great password manager that allows you to store all your passwords into one app safely & securely.

1Password– Agile Bits 1Password offers a different app interface & model however it also offers a secure password manager. You can store all your passwords, documents, credit card info etc under a master password for secure access. Unlike LastPass you have to buy the app outright to use it starting at $50 USD.


Lastly I wanted to round up some additional services which are highly worth gifting for specific people in your life.

Amazon Prime– For the Amazon lovers in your life this is a no brainer gift. Amazon Prime offers free 2-day shipping on items, Amazon Prime Video Service, and Amazon’s music streaming service as well amongst many other things. At $100 for the whole year trust me when I say they’ll be getting your moneys worth.

Unlocator– Smart DNS is a technology that rather than tunneling all your traffic like a VPN would it only does it for specific services. So for those who are geo-restricted to services like Netflix or Hulu using a service like Unlocator solves all your problems in a super simple setup process.

ExpressVPN However if you still prefer to gift a full VPN service to someone in your life then my recommendation lies in ExpressVPN which has a annual plan at $8 a month. With 100+ servers, cross-platform support, and much more this is a great VPN.

Game Cards- The gamers in your life will appreciate a game card to Xbox-Live, Playstation Network, or subscription to their favorite MMO.

Cards such as Xbox-Live Gold Membership or Playstation Network for the new consoles that people picked up this holidays is a great gift.


All the best this holiday season! These again are just some of the many services available online but nonetheless make for great gifts for the people in your life or even yourself. Stay tuned for some more upcoming holiday deals from the Dojo Gift Guide.