In a quiet update Apple unveiled their all new accessory for iPhone 6 & 6S devices, the smart battery case. This is Apple’s first official battery case that will compete directly with 3rd party cases. The case itself is made of the same silicone soft touch material they use in their other cases. While being lined with a microfiber material to protect the phone & make it easy to slide in & out. Unlike traditional battery cases this won’t come apart rather you slip your phone into the case docking it on the built in lightning connector.


All ports will remain accessible & the case itself will provide up to 25 hours of extended usage. This will of course vary on how you use your device but nonetheless you can guarantee all day battery life  & then some while sporting said case.

Price wise it’s retailing for $100 USD in a white & charcoal gray color scheme. That all said the design of the smart battery case is odd to say the least. While it’s simple in its colors & aesthetic the battery is housed in a hump behind the case that adds a weird bump to your phone. Needless to say at first glance I thought this was a joke. Given Apple’s recentdesign decisions with the Magic Mouse 2 for example, this is definitely an odd product approval for a company that puts an emphasis on design.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.20.12 PMThe case by all means is useful like any battery case you sacrifice a bit of added weight & size for convenience of having your device last longer. Eliminating the need to carry cables or an external battery pack around. Companies like Mophie for example have led the way in such category. The Apple Smart Battery Case while useful just doesn’t sit right for me as far as design & look/feel goes.

They are available for order today & will be dispatched starting December 10th.