T-Mobile held an event in LA today that announced their 10th landmark Un-carrier move. Binge On as it’s called will allow T-Mobile customers to use various streaming services such as HBO, Hulu, Netflix, SHOWTIME, Sling TV, Starz, and ESPN & more services to come without any effect on their data plans.

So customers can now effectively stream movies & TV shows & not have it eat up their whole plan or go over their data cap. This will expand out to new & existing customers who qualify for their plan. Their full press release covers all the details.


Watch your shows, not your data. They headline the announcement with. Currently T-Mobile is in talks with more services to come on board with their program, Youtube & Google being one of the many names missing from the list.

They’re aim is to offer great video streaming with minimal data consumption on the network itself & it being free for not just the users but the streaming services as well.

This shows T-Mobile’s move to understand the common customer better & nowadays with more & more people joining video services it only makes sense. An enticing move to gain new subscribers as time rolls on. Focusing on the content you want to watch while not having to worry about your data sounds appealing as is. Not to mention their competitive pricing & networks they have on board already.

While they are still the No.3 wireless carrier in the US this is a promising move in the right direction.