My thanks to Literature & Latte for making this content possible. They’re the makers behind the amazing writing tool that is Scrivener & idea organizational tool Scapple.

Ideas are the foundation of many businesses & startups. They’re these seeds which everyone has yet not everyone nourishes. You see thats the thing everyone has ideas, literally everyone. It’s what you do with said idea that defines it.

I get asked all the time about how someone can take X idea & turn it into a business, someones potentially amazing idea, or those who simply have no idea & are in search of one. Ideas are apart of the process don’t get me wrong but they are literally step zero. Everyone has ideas & everyone thinks they have a billion dollar idea. Not everyone executes said idea.

So let’s dive into 5 tips when it comes to dealing with ideas.



1- Record it!

Ideas come & go. The act of recording them helps solidify them. Much like making a note of something you need to remember, an idea should be record to come back to, the very act of recording it in some format helps it stick.

You can go with the classic pen & paper method. Personally I keep a small notebook & pen handy at all times in case something every pops into mind  that I want to write down, ideas included. This helps me make notes of things, expand upon ideas & list out pros/cons.

We also live in a digital age where technology is literally at our fingertips. There’s no shortage of apps in which you can use to record ideas. Be it in audio, text, or even picture based format.

In my own workflow I’ve adopted the app Scapple recently by the great folks at Literature & Latte. After using Scrivener for some time I finally made my way to trying out Scapple & immediately implemented it into my workflow. It allows me to create a visual board of sorts of my idea. Manifesting it in the way I want from clip arts, text bubbles, and free form editing.

Whatever method you pick just be sure to record it somewhere you can always refer back to.

2- Share Your Ideas

It’s a misconception that you shouldn’t share your ideas with anyone due to the fact that someone may steal it & or build it themselves. I believe that if your idea is the way you envision it then you should be the only one who can execute it as such. So don’t be afraid to share it.

Sharing your idea opens it to collaboration, criticism, and ultimately makes it a better one. If you have a business idea for startup then take it to people you trust & more importantly will be honest with you. Gather feedback in order to improve on the idea. Furthermore by sharing your idea you can crowd source people who’d be interested in your product, service, site or what have you. This allows you to get no pun intended an idea of who would be interested.

Generally most people leave their ideas as ideas. The ability to act on it isn’t as frequent as you think. So don’t fear people running with ideas & share them.

3- Ideas don’t have to be revolutionary they can be evolutionary

This is one I had to remind myself of. I’m constantly searching for what I feel can be the next big thing. However you need to realize your next startup, project, what have you doesn’t have to be a revolutionary one. It doesn’t have to create a brand new market or need people never knew they needed. It can simply be a evolutionary one. Evolving of things that exist in the world already. Improving upon services & products in order to bring something better & more evolved. So don’t fret if you can’t come up with the next Facebook, Uber, etc.

4- Solve A Problem

When it comes to not having an idea at all where do you begin? I think the best place to start is with a problem. Maybe its a problem that plagues you or something that the world suffers from. Big or small aim to solve a problem & from there an idea can easily hatch. It’s not easy, ideas can be inspired from anything the trick is to realizing which problems we want to focus our time & energy on.

5- Don’t be Afraid to Think Big

In contrast to #3 you shouldn’t fear thinking big. Most people tend to shy away from big picture ideas simply because they think its not possible. On the contrary, that fear is the reason you should pursuit big projects & ideas. The world needs more people willing to tackle huge issues. Things that take work & perseverance.

Overall ideas can change the world. However ideas alone aren’t enough. They require nourishing, hard work, and discipline in order to grow to their potential. Focus on things that matter to you, a wrong you want to right. Take that idea you talk so much about & actually put it into action.