The popular website Reddit is launching a service dedicated to news this Tuesday. Upvoted will be site dedicated to news from Reddit itself by their own editorial team. This means they’ll create their own original stories & publish it all under the Upvoted brand. Despite the sites name Upvoted will not use a voting based system to rank content. Rather it’ll curate stories around posts, comments, and other media from Reddit. Diving deeper into popular reddit posts in order to bring a full story.

The catch is all articles will feature or not feature a comment section. Upvoted will focus primarily on the story & eliminate the readers ability to post opinions, thoughts, and even praise. While comments can bring a bit of controversy especially from a community such as Reddit this is an interesting spin.

Upvoted will dive deeper into Reddit’s most popular & interesting content. Interviewing posters, commenters, and so on to verify details & tell the backstory to the popular reddits we browse so addictively. Currently the site showcases a private login page but will be launching tomorrow.

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Reddit claims that some of their most popular posts are copied from other sources & being passed off as their own. (Pretty much the same issue any site/blog platform suffers from) The Upvoted teams job will be to tackle these sources & verify all details. As far as a business model goes, Upvoted will feature zero ads in terms of banners.

Rather the site will use “sponsored posts” packed as native content. They’re looking to partner with sponsors who fit in line with the content & don’t necessarily stick out. In an age where advertisement seem to be all that talked about with blockers & so on. Native posts still haven’t been able to be singled out. It’s the very same format we follow here at DigitalDojos. Whether this will be successful for Upvoted is obviously yet to be determined.

This is certainly a new direction for Reddit & after community backlash over the last couple of months will be interesting how the site fairs with no community interaction. Just the news & stories.

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