Just like my love for audiobooks I have a special relationship with that of podcasts as well ever since I first discovered them via iTunes. That & my love for long form content make podcasts a great form of media for me be it for commutes, while working, or simply to get my fix on whatever the topic at hand. That said I wanted to compile five podcasts I’m currently listening to that have made their way into my regular listening to rotation. From technology based podcasts to lifestyle & business here are five podcasts I’m currently listening to & without saying enjoying!

The Tim Ferriss Show 

Easily one of my favorite podcasts from New York Times Best Sellers author Tim Ferriss. A great podcast that aims to deconstruct word class performers in a variety of areas from people like motivational speaker Tony Robbins to billionaire investor Peter Thiel. While the podcast doesn’t necessarily follow a scheduled format whenever it does come out usually once a week sometimes more its worth the wait each episode.

Back to Work

Backed by an amazing panel of Dan Benjamin & Merlin Mann Back to Work looks at productivity, work barriers, and the occasional random topic that dives deep into things you never really think about. Tons of hidden gems within each episode & worth going back throughout the archive.

Nerdist Podcast

The popular talk show is one that I recently started listening to & glad I have. Chris Hardwick & his two friends Matt & Jonah each episode feature  great guests from actors to other popular figures diving into a wide variety of nerdy topics.

Startup Podcast

While Startup is currently preparing for season 3 the previous 2 seasons are still worth listening to. Led by Alex Blumberg the startup podcast started as a show covering well the start of the podcast company itself. A great listen for entrepreneurs the show now follows other companies & their startup stories. Captured in a unique storytelling format that I’m a huge fan of & find myself listening to older episodes constantly throughout the week.


This podcast focuses on the case of Adnan Syed vs The State. Branching from the popular podcast that is Serial, you’ll definitely need to go back and listen to that in full before diving into Undisclosed. This isn’t by any means a sequel to that rather a deeper dive into some aspects of the case. The show itself recommends you listen to Serial beforehand in order to understand everything they’re referencing. For your crime enthusiasts or those who are waiting on Serial second season this should hold you over.


That said what podcasts are you listening to if any? Love to hear your recommendations & favorites!