I’ve decided near the end of every month to round up the technology I’ve been using the most throughout my day to day life. Be it work or personal, hardware or software, services & websites you name it. In an effort to take a step back from focusing on the latest & greatest and write up about things that I’ve just been enjoying. New or old.

So consider it a roundup of my favorites for whatever specified month & whatever I have ongoing in my life at the moment.


Bose QC15

I bought these about a year ago before going on a trip to Osaka, Japan. I’ve been looking for a decent pair of noise canceling headphones with that being the priority. Now grant it Bose isn’t the greatest in terms of sound quality & while I am a stickler for quality they do a great job for my use case. I’ve been putting these through the paces traveling with them constantly & using them in the office daily. Draining batteries constantly which can be a pain but other than that no major issues. The noise cancellation is amazing especially on planes. The second part coming in the comfort, the design is simple & easily sits on my head for hours without any issues.



Spotify (Premium)

I have a whole series of music streaming service content upcoming however Spotify seems to be the one I’ve turned to the most. Working primarily at my desk & in the office Spotify is always on If I’m not recording, watching something, and or in a call for work. I have this weird thing about silence. Spotify fills that void with access to literally millions of songs. Specifically the premium service which I find is highly worth the price tag. Filled with main stream & indie artists alike it has everything I need. Their recent addition of the Discover Weekly playlists adds the recommendation layer to it. If your a fan of music its a no brainer.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.42.08 AM

Klok Timezone Converter App/Widget

A recent iOS app I discovered & reviewed that is a must have for me. If you work with multiple timezones at all & easily want a way to convert it on iOS then this is for you. The app adds a widget to your notification center that elegantly displays time zones & makes a simple tap to to see time conversion across multiple locations.

Beme (Social Network)

I’m a big fan of content creator Casey Neistat so when I heard of his new social network I knew I had to try it out. Beme is different. It works it a very unique way compared to social networks, promoting honesty in video. No editing, filters, or preview just shoot & upload. Achieving this via the proximity sensor in iPhones & soon to be released for Android users. Beme isn’t perfect & I think will take time & updates for the masses to adopt it. Authenticity is a hard to thing to really capture especially with an app & phone involved. However I love the premise & path its on.

TeamSpeak (VOIP)

In my downtime I try to step away from work not so much the desk by playing games. I play with friends locally & abroad as such we need to communicate while playing. Services like Teamspeak provide low latency which is important when it comes to gaming. The lower the resources the better. I recently purchased my own TS server after the one my group of friends used went down. It’s simple & works great for gaming or just having a conversation. Set up multiple channels, push to talk, its like Skype without the loads of other unnecessary features or interface.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.34.32 AM


Ton of apps like this nowadays however it simply showcases visually the biggest files on your drive. Simple & straightforward.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.39.18 AM


This piece of software for OS X is literally the core focus of a lot of my work. If your serious about screen capture based recordings nothing compares to it on OS X. Camtasia has made a OS X version that I’ve tried but nothing beats Screenflow’s interface, editing tools, and general ease of use.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.47.00 AM


That about rounds up my most used tech for this month, mainly software focused. Feel free to add your most used picks in the comments down below!