As the music streaming service battle continues Apple Music brought a focus to personalized user playlists. The “For You” tab centered on interests that the service thinks you’d like to listen to. So far its done a great job of curating new & related music to my tastes. However Spotify is now stepping up to compete with that very feature.

By heading into your “Browse” tab you’ll find a new playlist known as Discover Weekly. This is accompanied by your profile picture & a list of songs you’ve never listened to via Spotify. As the service describes it

Your weekly mixtape of fresh music. Enjoy new discoveries and deep cuts chosen just for you. Updated every Monday, so save your favorites!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.42.08 AM

I like the idea of music lists being generated solely on your taste & listening habits. Thus far Spotify has done a decent job of compiling artists, renditions/covers of songs, and new music I haven’t heard before. This certainly will be a great feature for users who enjoy it via Apple Music’s service & without a doubt will have to be updated in order to be relevant. The idea here is to keep the content fresh & not recycle artists, songs, and genres. Apple does a great job of making this part visually appealing, having a whole tab dedicated to this. While Spotify aims to keep it simpler & provide it as an add-on within a playlist. So head over to your browse tab today & start following your weekly playlist.