The old saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover” what most people don’t tell you is that its utter bullshit. In life you are the cover & you are being judged. Sometimes you’re the one passing the judgement. I’ve come to learn that the reality of the real world is this. People will judge you for many things, hell they’ll judge you purely on appearance & that’s okay. Learning to deal with it & move through it is what matters.

I began my journey as an “entrepreneur” at a very young age. I was eleven years old & had no idea that these videos I uploaded to Youtube would eventually lead to an income & career path. That said starting & managing a business is hard enough let alone the fact that I was a kid going into middle school. I remember the comments of users around the world skipping my video simply due to the fact that I sounded like a kid. The e-mails that were either glanced over or not taken seriously again due to my age. This that & the other. I learned from then on that the world is going to judge you, more so if they don’t even know you. Why? Cause its easy, it’s easier for us as humans to judge people we don’t know anything about cause at that rate anything is possible.

A comment from a video I posted 6 years ago.

A comment from a video I posted 6 years ago.

As I grew older I tried to mold my image. Give off the vibe of a young but serious entrepreneur and founder. I dressed more formal & tried to demand the respect of others in the way I appeared. Honestly that worked better than I thought. Throw on a suit & tie and walk into the room like you’ve been somewhere & you’d be amazed how people perceive you. I thought that was the secret to everything to appeal to everyones first impression. As you only make them once & I thought I’d make it my goal to always make a lasting one. Through more experiences & time I learned that method is only part of the equation.

The bigger picture & lesson to be learned was simple. No matter what you do & whatever your background may be people will still judge you. Friends, family, strangers its almost human nature. Those who can’t will judge those who do. People who don’t understand your way of living or choices in life will judge from afar cause thats what is easiest. I learned to separate those voices & people, to pay no mind what they said or thought.

At the end of the day it’s about knowing that people will always be judging you for who you are & the decisions you make. The key is to learn to do things anyway. To silence the judgements of others & proceed. Now I’m not saying don’t take any criticism into account or realities of life at times but learn whose voices matter you & those that don’t.

The book in the saying is your life, you’re writing that story each and everyday and you can’t expect others to know every page & chapter. Rather they see the cover it’s appearance, title, how it stands out or doesn’t and make judgements from there. Your job is to pay no mind & keep on writing, going, pursuing whatever it is you want out of life. The reality is you need to learn to deal with judgement every step of the way cause it’s always there good or bad. We all do it whether we’re conscious to it or not. How we present ourselves to the world does matter, it gives a idea of how we want to be perceived or for that matter where our focus lies. There are highly successful people who care about their image & those who don’t each for their own reasons. Some care to the point to which they need to uphold their image while others could care less & focus on what matters to them. Regardless of which side your on what matters more is how we carry on. Carry on through the judgement, hate, doubt, and every other obstacle life has in store. I strive not to avoid the obstacles in life as we may be taught by society but overcome them.

After all its your book & you dictate the story.