I’ve used Fiverr for nearly 2.5 years now, first introduced by a good friend Duncan Maile about the site & it’s vast marketplace. Whether your a seller or buyer your bound to find some use out of Fiverr for kick starting a project, making things work on a budget, or just earning anywhere from a part time to full time income.

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Fiverr is an online marketplace where people do specific tasks for a “Fiverr” or $5 USD. The idea being gigs are “I will _____ for $5”.  These gigs can be anything from produce a video, design a logo, record a voiceover & thousands of other gigs. On the other end you can of course sell your service to customers for $5. Now while this is the base price there are many add ons that allow sellers to make more.

Gig Extras: Are extra services offered within a gig for more money (increments of $5) so for example I have a extra within my gig that allows for rendering a video in 1080P for an additional $10.

Custom Orders: This was recently introduced but allows for clients for bigger scale projects allow for custom orders.

All of these are unlocked as you climb the tier of levels for Fiverr sellers.

The site itself is filled with various categories that are sure to fill your needs one way or another.

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Another great aspect of the site if your a buyer you can post out the type of job you need done to help find the correct sellers.

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All that said I’ve made several thousand dollars from Fiverr in the past. An experience that has taught me a lot about the service & site itself. Fiverr is a great way to take something you may be talented or skilled in & offer it for a side income. Dedicating more time you can make a considerable amount of money. At the same time I’ve had my quarrels with the site. As someone who transitioned to a client services business ScreencApp there’s a bit of a gap when it comes to Fiverr & the real world client services business. Typically in my experience the transition to have people who pay less than $5 for a gig aren’t usually interested in spending anything 10x that cost.

The old adage still stands however be willing to pay for quality work. So whether your a buyer or seller always keep these things in mind.

  • As a buyer know your only paying usually $5 for a service expect that & nothing more. Of course there are standards and such but don’t expect $1,000 quality for $5 worth of work
  • As a seller do your best to hold your satisfactory level with your clients to a high but don’t offer the impossible for prices that aren’t premium

In the future I’ll dive deeper into some things I’ve learned along the way on the service.

None the less Fiverr is a very popular service & great platform to get started. If your a entrepreneur on a budget & looking to get simple things like a logo, website, graphics & other material set up than for under $100 you can get a lot done via Fiverr. In the same respect as a seller I’ve had many other doors open up from the site. Frequent clients of mine went on to contact me to work on various other projects & or bulk orders. Thats one of the big advantages of the network despite the smaller payout compared to normal you have access to thousands of clients looking for sellers.

So in summary if I had to round up my experience of the service overall in my time using it:


  • Access to a wide client base
  • Potential for expansion
  • Great way to establish side income/full time
  • Affordable method for finding certain services


  • Payout delay is a bit long
  • Customer Support is a hit or miss in my experience
  • Their $5 Gig material at the end of the day which depending on your seller can be a really great or not so great experience


Fiverr is a very massive marketplace which I think you’ll be able to utilize whether you want to be a seller or buyer. That said if your interested in signing up & giving it a chance check out my link below to get a free gig. Additionally feel free to check out my gig page where I still offer basic gigs on their service.

Sign up today & get a free gig!

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