I decided to cover two stories that while in different categories are related in that they’re both founded & ran by Elon Musk.

SpaceX a space exploration corporation successfully launched their Falcon 9 rocket out of Cape Canaveral. Set to launch earlier the event was delayed due to weather conditions & some technical difficulties. SpaceX hosted a live broadcast of the launch filled with updates on the condition of the launch along its venture into space.

DSCOVR is set to arrive the Sun-Earth L1 Lagrangian point (930,000 miles from earth) in about 110 days. The idea of course is to collect data such as imagery of Earth, weather conditions in space, and other various amounts of data. Certainly a big event by all means with little to no room for error.

Credit: SpaceX

Credit: SpaceX

That said other news articles published today criticize or question Musk’s focus. Tesla shipping figures released showcase that they’ve fallen short of their 33,000 Model S goal only shipping so far about 9,384 automobiles. Which Musk has yet to address due to his attention of the Space launch.

Some going as far as calling out Musk for being distracted as Alex Kaufman of the HuffingtonPost stated


Now I fully understand Elon Musk has a responsibility to both companies & in turn the shareholders. But the man literally just oversaw a project to launch a rocket into deep space in order to get information that not many out there are doing & we’re creating articles on how he seems distracted?

TheVerge had their own article on the matter sub-headline reading

As the company reports poor earnings, its CEO appears distracted

Again I understand Musk is spread thin but still has to answer for the earnings but “distracted”. A man who servers as CEO for both SpaceX, Tesla, and a chairman of SolarCity I think has the right to be a bit distracted. Literally changing multiple avenues in the world of technology & yet we’re critiquing him what taking on too much? As Musk has stated multiple times Tesla was never going to be profitable. Thats not their goal. It’ll take a lot of money & some adaptations before its profitable. He certainly has to answer for what went wrong in the shipping department as his role of CEO & face of the company. However I think for an individual of his stature & the things he’s trying to achieve he deserves a bit more than being taken as “distracted” or what he’s tweeting about. Sinking that low to me is what deprives the world of its innovators. Anytime anyone tries to step out of the box to achieve something out of the ordinary & takes on the risk themselves much like Musk did we criticize them for trying.