I’d like to thank Astaricks (Website) for being one of the first official sponsors of the new DigitalDojos network in 2015. Supporting the site & it’s content for the month of February.

Astaricks is a digital business card system unlike any other. Giving you the ability to save, sort, view, and share your digital business cards with ease. I’ve personally had the great privilege to work alongside Astarick’s team to learn about their innovative & highly powerful system they offer. More than the ability to simply create an online business card your joining a system that enables any small to big business to increase exposure & effectiveness of their online presence. From their amazing card based system, business directory, mapping solution and more your business is literally at your fingertips.

Having a system like Astaricks is unlike any other platform. Offering the ability to:

  • Update hundreds of thousands of business cards in a click of the button never having to distribute out new cards to people again (Have a change simply make it & distribute it out to your contacts)
  • Free advertising on their business directory & maps service
  • Instantly share cards via SMS, QR Codes, Mobile app, e-mail, and more
  • Full contact details, HD pictures, links, and more all displayed on your high quality card

and much much more.


You can also see the video overview I posted on our channel previously.

Find out more information on Astaricks at their site & get your business the digital business cards it deserves.