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CEO Satya Nadella has announced today Microsofts initiative to merge the windows platform all into one operating system. Windows has been developed previously for multiple devices/platforms. They announced the Windows Universal Apps for developers which allowed them to develop for one platform that would go across multiple devices. However, from now on it’ll be that […]

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Apple has just released a new TV ad for the Macbook Air entitled “The notebook people love”. Its an interesting and very modern like ad from Apple featuring up beat music and decals overlaying the Apple logo to show customizing your air to fit your personality. The song featured in the ad is known as […]

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This Friday Amazon has officially announced it’s Kindle Unlimited service. This service is an all-you-can read service, at $10 per month it provides customers with the ability to read as many titles as they desire. Amazon library features over 600,000+ titles. So you get to enjoy unlimited access to both e-book titles & thousands of […]


Facebook has started rolling out a new feature that will help businesses all over their social network.   The new “buy” button will be implemented in products sold and posted to the timeline. This allows customers to buy easily without leaving the network. Taken directly from Facebook’s  statement made today. “With this feature, people on […]