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Atraci is a cross platform free music streaming app that currently includes over 60 million songs! All again 100% free and, according to their site, legal. It takes music via the web and allows you stream to the content from sources such as Youtube etc. The application itself doesn’t allow for downloading of the songs […]


Techcrunch broke a report this Friday that Apple has acquired BookLamp, an e-book recommendation service  all based of books previously read by the buyer. This purchase could help Apple compete in the e-book market against the biggest competitor out there, Amazon.   According to reports and rumors the purchase ran Apple about $10-15 million. Currently […]


Instagram has made a headline with a recent error that has the press asking Ad or App? This picture was taken as Instagram users on Android received a banner advertisement across the top of their feed showcasing a new app called “Bolt”. Whether or not this was an advertisement test for Facebook or a look […]

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Facebook’s 30 year old CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now worth $33.3 Billion dollars with the spike of Facebook’s stock price. Following the close on Thursday Zuckerberg had  $1.6 billion dollars added to his fortune. This makes Zuckerberg No.16 in the overall ranking of Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Surpassing the likes of Google founders Larry Page, Sergey […]


Digital Coffee is apart of my upcoming podcast network branch under DigitalDojos. DC will be the weekly show fixated on technology news.It will essentially be a round up of everything that matters in the world of tech with opinions from your truly. I look to bring more guest-hosts to the show and get the listeners […]


This is an Op-Ed piece by the above mentioned author. Opinion pieces are solely that of the writers own personal viewpoints on the subject and doesn’t speak on the behalf of DigitalDojos as a whole.   Youtube celebrity and beauty guru Michelle Phan is currently being sued by Ultra Records for copyright infringement. Normally the process would […]


Facebook delivered it’s Quarter 2 earnings today and there nothing but exceptional. The statistics only show that the sites 1.3 billion + user base is still steadily growing. With over 40 million active users monthly in Q2 alone, 30% of those users being mobile.   To breakdown some of the Q2 earning stats from the […]

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CEO Satya Nadella has announced today Microsofts initiative to merge the windows platform all into one operating system. Windows has been developed previously for multiple devices/platforms. They announced the Windows Universal Apps for developers which allowed them to develop for one platform that would go across multiple devices. However, from now on it’ll be that […]